Code of ethics

of the company

The Firm Navarro & Asociados is provided with a Code of conduct that belongs to a very important part of its compliance and ethics structure.


In Navarro & Asociados, we aim to lead/teach by example. We detail the professional behavior of our Firm:

  • Prevent, in any possibility of action on the part of all lawyers and workers, the law to be infringed just as our Code of ethics.
  • Create and ambience where everybody feels free and secure to report non-compliances or violations of our Code without retaliations.
  • Never encourage to reach any goal at the expense of law infringement, break of ethics, nor compliance of the Code.
  • Give opportunities to analyze and evaluate the Code and the rest of the company´s policies.
  • We offer a first class service of excellent quality consistent with our policies and our extensive professional experience. Always meeting our legal and contractual obligations with each and every one of our clients and providers.
  • We always relate to our employees, clients, external partners, service providers, and judicial and administrative bodies with respect and dignity.

It is everyone´s responsibility that our Firm guarantees all the records and data. Adopting a Code has fulfilled one of our key objectives: to ensure the best reliability and accuracy of our accounting, financial, and data records.

Professional behavior of our employees:

  • All employees must know the details and duties of their position, and ask for help or advice to their superior when they have doubts about to the policies and procedures to acquire in the company.
  • In the event of an employee, or a third party, having a personal conflict of interests with the interests of the Firm, they shall notify it immediately to their superior in order to solve fairly the issue for both parts.
  • They are obliged to report about possible law, policy, rule, Code of conduct, and other possible violations that they deem inappropriate and in need of being addressed adequately.
  • Complete cooperation in any investigation the company may require about possible infringements.


The Brand identity of Bufete Navarro & Asociados Abogados must be preserved beyond all personal interests and desires of all the employees:

  • The company´s website and its social media will be kept up-to-date, being completely forbidden for employees to post publications under the FIrm´s name, or to post in their social media personal opinion comments about the Firm or its organization.
  • The only comments and publications authorized about the Firm, in the website and social media, are the ones that the company intended for that purpose and always under its publicity policies.
  • The employees can share in their personal social media the publications that the company posts, with the only purpose of giving diffusion and knowledge of the FIrm. Behaving always, in the comments and opinions that they may cause, accordingly to the Code of conduct of the Firm, without endangering or harming the reputation of Navarro & Asociados Abogados.


All the data stored by Navarro & Asociados Abogados is protected in its data base, in a restricted area, and only accessible by employees and the company´s managers under the previous authorization of the partners.

All employees have the duty of confidentiality and the obligation of keeping due secrecy and stealth about the personal data of all our clients, being aware that it is a fundamental right they have and preserve. This is equally extendable to the personal data of the company, other employees, service providers and external partners of the Firm. Everyone will respect the data protection standards and privacy principles.

This obligation of confidentiality and secrecy will subsist even if the employee´s relationship with our company ends. The breach and violation of this duty of secrecy will involve the commission of a very serious labor offense that will endure the corresponding disciplinary sanction, including dismissal and the corresponding indemnification and claim of damages.


Our Code states that/We wrote a Code because we are committed to aiming higher than rules of ethics and professional responsibility. We want to underscore our commitment to fostering a culture that openly and fully embraces ethics and absolute integrity at all times by all our employees and collaborators.

It is everyone´s responsibility to ensure the complete compliance of it, and behave within its ethics and our Firm´s values, complying and enforcing the Code.

Due to the impossibility to meet in this Code each and every possible situation, we compile in this Code a series of guidelines aimed to conduct our employees´ behavior. However, if in doubt, please consult clarifications.


All of our legal advice and labor management proposals offered to clients, describe and give specific information of the professional services our Firm is capable of providing thanks to its extensive experience in this matters.

Navarro & Asociados commits to ensure to its clients:

  • Give efficient and responsible solutions in the delivery of our services.
  • Create a bond of mutual trust, loyalty and respect.
  • Market our services with ethics and honest manners, without misleading advertising.
  • Offer a first class service with clearly defined and real goals, achieving excellence.
  • Our professional services and our lawyers strictly comply with all the laws and regulations applicable.
  • Dispense with any technique of competitiveness that can damage the reputation of our profession, or our Firm´s, avoiding harming in any way its prestige or its image.
  • Honest and loyal competition in the free market.
  • Provide accessible and transparent information so our clients remain informed about the situation of their cases at every moment.
  • Offer its clients a complaint, claim and suggestions service.