Private Law

What do we do

The relations between private individuals, either between individual persons or between legal entities, are the basis of the legal transactions of a society like ours, comprising many and varied situations, in which the party autonomy is the core principle, although nuanced depending on the specific field we are dealing with.

Navarro & Asociados is best placed to intervene with a high degree of effectiveness and excellence in the most relevant matters in this area, whether civil or commercial. Furthermore, providing a qualified response when these situations take an international dimension, considering the complex issues that arise in such case.


We provide advice on all kinds of contracts, civil or commercial, whether they are domestic transactions or with an international dimension.


Litigation and arbitration

We intervene in all sorts of controversies and contentious proceedings, both judicial and arbitral.


Corporate Law

We advise the client regarding the incorporation of companies and the usual actions in this field.


Family Law

We have qualified professionals to intervene in the different issues of this area.


Inheritance Law

In this field, we deal with inheritance planning as well as the division of estate assets, covering all the civil and tax issues that may arise.



Insolvency proceedings require multidisciplinary counsel, which we can provide in excellent conditions.


Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards

Thanks to our high specialization in International Law, we can provide quality advice for the effectiveness in Spain of foreign decisions.


International legal matters

We intervene in all kinds of international legal issues, whether judicial or out-of-court matters.


Intellectual and industrial property

We are in a position to provide the necessary assistance for the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights.