Labor Managment

What do we do

Navarro & Asociados offers a labor management service for companies conducted by qualified and strong experienced professionals in the matter. Allowing us to speed-up and facilitate the management and labor proceedings, always adapting ourselves to the particular needs of our clients.

Application reviews of Collective bargainings

Adaptation of workers´ salaries to the current salary scales in each moment, depending on the applicable conventional standards on each territory.


Compilation and reviewing of payrolls

-Monthly payrolls -Complementary payrolls -Extra pays -Delayed salaries -Reviews of seniority bonus -Freezing of salary computation and application -Monthly, quarterly and annual salary calculation.


Spanish income tax

Inicial estimations and natural persons income tax regulations Monthly or quarterly compilations of models 111 Annual model 190 Elaboration of tax certificates.



We negotiate and adapt the employee´s contractual conditions of our clients to the actual Labor legislation. Drafting work contracts, providing monthly information of the expiration of contracts, preparing work contract extensions, contractual novation, compilation and processing of unemployment certificates, etc.


Network system

Communications, hirings, sickness leaves, job layoffs, and all work status changes related to social security. Communications of temporary disqualification for common contingencies, information and delivery of certificates.


Social Security

We compile and send through Cret@ and Delt@ system: social security, CRA files and processing requests of fee payment postponements. Work accident reports and professional illnesses. Issuance of maternity and paternity certificates. Requests of direct payment to work insurance associations. Requests of retirement pension.