Corporate Labor Law

What do we do

Navarro & Asociados is not only a Law Firm. The history of the firm, and in consequence, the acquired experience, has taught us a fundamental principle: to properly defend the interests of a company, you must get to know the deepest structure to, feel it like your own.

In reference to the relations arising from work contracts between the company and the employee, we offer detailed consultation and comprehensive service in as many legal aspects or incidences as needed –e.g.: employment contracts, contracting and temporary employment agencies, business successions, salary and compensation policies, working time and hours, work breaks, geographic mobility and condition modifications, holidays, work permits, labor conciliation, terminations, disciplinary code, etc.-.

Within the area of Collective labor Law it is relevant the intervention of the Firm in the negotiation of numerous collective agreements of many types of companies, such as national or regional, as well as dealing with sectorial statewide collectives, and framework agreement. Our team has led the legal management of matters of the highest transcendence.

Legal advice

As one of the principal law firms specialized in the social order of the law, we provide integral counseling to our Clients within the legal labor laws, social security and social benefits.


Collective bargaining (Layoffs)

Our extensive experience in relations with Union representatives in each economic sector and type of business includes the negotiation of collective redundancies or layoffs, preparatory meetings related to company committees and / or union delegates, as well as the composition and integration of Joint Commissions for follow-ups of the corresponding Collective Agreement.


Union Relations

The idiosyncrasy of our clients and their own needs has placed us in a strategic position of relevance in the field of labor relations in various economic sectors. To do this, we have a legal team specialized in negotiating with the Legal and Trade Union Representation of Workers, with a wide previous experience in the most representative Trade Union Organizations, providing an extensive network of contacts and knowledge. We also have presence in the main business associations of the sectors of activity of our clients.


“Due Diligence” labor. Legislative and conventional transition

In the processes of acquisition, merger or spin-off of companies, we analyze compliance with labor and Social Security regulations in force, evaluating the contingencies that may arise from any irregularity, as well as the level of remuneration of employees, the social commitments, the composition of the workers’ representation bodies, the administrative and judicial procedures in progress and their situation, and the safety, health and hygiene procedures at work.


Feasibility plans and staff restructuring

The preparation of feasibility plans and restructuring of staff in cases of surplus personnel is essential to achieve a sufficient degree of legal security, social peace and viability in the company. In this sense, we carry out Employment Regulation Files for termination of contracts and substantial modification and Temporary Employment Regulation Files, covering all phases of the same, from the preparation of the explanatory report of the causes to their execution.


Prevention of Occupational Risks

General advice, actions before the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate, advice on labor accidents and representation and defense in lawsuits related to these matters.


Cooperatives and corporate relationship with their partners

As advisers to several of the main Cooperatives of associated work at national level, we know perfectly the legislation applicable to them and the relationship they have with their working partners, as well as their organization and internal procedures


Coordination of audits

More and more the will of the companies to know as accurately as possible the status of their accounts and their possible fluctuation through internal audits. Aware of this reality and with the objective of facilitating its satisfactory execution, we are in permanent contact with our clients and their auditors to provide them with any information they require related to the status of their administrative or judicial procedures in labor matters – economic risk, phase of the procedure, approximate chance of success in the cause, etc.